Well, that's been a familiar sight this April. I was talking to my friend Mark and he said April was a record breaking as far as snowfall. No kidding.

Going into April I though 'well, this has been a pretty mild winter. Cold? Oh yeah. But really didn't get all that much snow'.

Then April hit and it wasn't fooling around. Mark said April brought Sioux Falls over 31" of snow. Yep, just in April alone. And let's not even talk about the snowpocalypse of April 14. No, seriously, don't talk about it. You'll just get depressed.

So that snowy ol' April (which isn't done yet as I write this) brought our seasonal snowfall to just over 70". And our 'norm' is about 40-something. So as it turned out, it was a cold winter...and a snowy winter (spring?).

But I have to stop and make a mental note to myself:

Now, when it comes August and we run through that stretch of 90 degree plus days, don't be walking outside and say 'It's hot! It's soooo hot!'

And then think to yourself 'Gee, it's so bleeping hot...I wish it was April again'.

No you don't. Really, you don't!

Just step out into the heat, wish for a little rain, maybe it'll cool it off just a little bit. Have a sip of that perfectly chilled lemonade and wish for one thing, one really good thing.

'I hope next April will give us a nice Spring month.

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