So, I guess today is National Paranormal Day. Literally, everything has a day.

I can't recall a time that I ever experienced anything paranormal, but I love a good scary movie about ghosts. The Conjuring is one of the best scary movies, I've ever seen.


So in honor of National Paranormal Day, we asked listeners if they had any good ghost stories or encounters. And they did.

Here are a few of the messages we received:

  • In high school I was eating breakfast at our table watching TV and in between programs when the screen goes black for a second I saw a tall woman in a white gown and long black hair holding her hand over my head. I quickly turned around to nothing there. I don't believe in ghosts but that one has always stuck with me
  • My house is haunted by a mom and her young daughter. We've never seen the gurk, but we have seen the ball roll back to the toddler who has crawled into the next room and heard "Mary had a little lamb" coming from basement at night being played on what sounds like a kids xylophone. The mom we have seen. Comes out when I'm pregnant. Bf woke up and saw something touching my stomach. Minute later i woke up complaining I was freezing. She also watched us sleep.
  • One night when I was a kid, I got up to use the bathroom that was right across the hallway. On the way back to my room I heard footsteps to the left of me and saw this tall black shadow with curly hair peeking into my parents room while they were sleeping. I ran into my room and told my mom what I saw the next day. She told me she thought the ghost might have followed her home from work. She worked in a building that used to be a morgue a long time ago.
  • When I was 12 yrs old I seen my deceased 20 yr old big brother sitting on my dresser so my dad blessed the house that same night and while he was saying a prayer it sounded like people pounding all around the outside of our mobile home like they were the zombie apocalypse SCARY.....since then i haven't seen my brother
  • I used to work in a stand alone shoe store. The other workers told me when I started that it was haunted. And I thought what ghost would haunt a shoe store? I didn't believe them until when I was there alone one night and I heard this racket in the back room. A whole rack had fallen over. Keep in mind these are like 6ft solid metal racks. Still, not totally convinced. Went back to the floor and there was a pair of heels placed pefectly. In the middle of the isle. That is ome of several other experiences with this shoe ghost. I believe now
  • When I was in middle school my cousin that lived In Wisconsin died. His mom came to live with us the next year when I was a freshman when I was doing my homework in the living room, I thought I heard someone walking in the hallway so I looked up and saw something flash by like walking through it, I thought it was my dad wearing a hat and had come in his office's outside door but then went back to grab something before coming in the house. I went down the hallway all the way into his office to check but saw nothing, even went outside to check if his car was there and he came home early but it wasn't. I checked with my sister if she had came towards the bathroom from her room down the hall and she had not come out since she got home from school. I saw this all the time like almost everyday after that. My sister and mom finally also saw it one day too. It stopped after his mom moved out of our house though.
  • I used to live at a 100+ bed nursing home that was completely empty after they moved to a new building. I often heard children running in the halls, nurse call lights going off by themselves, doors slamming, and while laying in bed a darkness would pass in front of the lights on my entertainment center. Didnt live there long.
  • You've probably heard of this but there is a haunted railroad tracks in southern Texas. The history of it is way long ago apparently there was a full school bus that got stuck on the track and got hit by a train. I used to go to college near there so some dormmates and I went to check it out. The rumor is if you park your car over the track and put it in neutral, put some sort of powder on your trunk and hood (baby powder or flour), then your car will start to slowly move off the track and there will be little child sized hand prints all over the powder either on your trunk or hood. People belived that it was the children that died in the bus/train crash that pushes the car off the track to save you. A lot of people said that it's just gravity that moves your car off the track since it's in neutral and the hand prints are just previous finger prints that are becoming apparent from the powder. But we tried it. We completely wiped of the hood and trunk of all prints, put the car in neutral, and put baby powder on the trunk and hood. And the car actually moved and yes there were child hand prints on the car and I mean it looked like several pairs of hands! The person who owned the vehicle did not have and children in her life that would have touched the car before hand! Also the tracks are not on any slope where the neutral car would move due to gravity! It the creepiest thing I've ever experienced.

I don't know about you, but I got the heeebie jeebies!

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