It's October and that means Spooky Season has officially begun!

Last week, we asked our listeners to tell us scary stories! Maybe it was a ghost story, maybe you thought someone was breaking into the house, maybe you heard weird noises, maybe stuff moved without anybody touching it! I want to hear it all!

You guys, some of these are so creepy! Continue reading....if you dare!

  • My friend and I would always go to the cemetery on the edge of town. We would go and find the oldest headstones and then just hang out. Small town didn't have much to do. Well, one time we were watching cars drive by and we heard something in the tree grove. So we went to investigate. Standing in the trees we saw shadowy feet and legs. Not 100% it was a ghost but we thought it was and we went running to my house.
  • I saw a shadow figure at my brother's house in his upstairs hallway.   There was no windows in the hall and no one upstairs.   When I saw it I said, "nice to meet you" and it floated away.   On another night my entire family was staying at his house and my parents heard the home phone ring (they were staying in my brother's bedroom upstairs), but it didn't ring at any of the other bases.  They hung up when my mom answered.   This happened twice.  Once on home phone and once on cell phone.  Nothing in either caller ID's.  On the same night my sister had some French doors shut that didn't shut unless you put some cardboard in between the two doors to keep them shut.  My other sister and I had someone sit on the end our air mattresses.  My little nephew that was with us was about 1-1/2 years old just kept saying he wanted to leave and this house wasn't good for him. My brother's house is filled with spirits and I have witnessed multiple things on different days.   This is only a couple of the weird unexplained things that I have had happen.  It's crazy.
  • My husband and I just recently accepted that our house is haunted. It was built in 1890. We've had a lot of odd experiences. The weirdest was when we woke up one morning and we both had bruises on our right bicep that looked like fingerprints as if someone had grabbed our arm really hard. It was the weirdest experience.
  • One time I was talking about one of my friends that passed away and I was asked how he passed so I said it and right as I said it I feel like I got hit in the head. Had a terrible headache the entire night. To this day I feel like he hit me in the head to get me to stop talking about it.
  • Our house was super haunted growing up it was built in 1819 and when we moved in it still had a claw foot tub. Our mother use to wake us up in the middle of the night yelling who left the water on!! Cause the tub water would be running full bore ! My sister and I swear it lived in the attic it was so sketchy up there and we never went up alone. Well one time I ran down faster than her and heard the door slam..she automatically started screaming let me out! I wasn't holding the door I was actually trying to help her get it open. After what seemed like forever my dad had to run up and pull super hard on the door numerous times to get it open! Weird things always happened in the house like lights flickering and the TV turning on after it's been off forever!
  • Right after (probably 6 months) after my grandpa passed away, my daughter was at my moms and she was coloring and looked up towards the stairs and says "hi" and waves, my mom asked who she was talking to and my daughter says "that guy sitting on the stairs" scared the hell out of my mom.
  • I grew up by the McKennan Park area. the house we lived in was built in 1920. It had two additions added on before we lived there. As I got older I started doing research on the property for a school project. Come to find out it was the original farmhouse out in that area and it had a servant door . when my brother and I were younger we saw young girl standing in the living room corner What looked to be a white lacy dress of some kind from a different era. Weird stuff happened in that house all the time that we cant explain. As we got older we started sharing our experiences. We went home for the holidays this past year and my brother saw the little girl again, after all these years the little girl is still there. As of today we are in our 30s. My mom doesn't like to talk about it because she doesn't believe in the paranormal she won't say if anything's ever happened to her.
  • I worked at a shop downtown in an old building. Everyone thought it was haunted and one day when I got to work my boss was watching back security camera tapes from overnight because there were a few vases and candles broken on the floor from one shelf. The video showed a few items just sliding right off the shelf and onto the floor. The rest of the shelving unit was not disturbed so it's not like it shook loose. We were both so freaked out. Totally a ghost and we had video to prove it!
  • I think I have a ghost that connected herself to me.  3 places I have lived she has followed to all three places. I'm not the only one who has seen her. I can always feel when she is near. Or if she is angry.  She has never hurt me or I've never feared her.
  • I woke up one night and there was what appeared to be a large Rottweiler looking dog at the foot of my bed. I tried to be logical and told myself it was just a weird shadow from the glow of the tv in my room so I got up opened my bedroom door to let more light in. Climbed back into bed and opened my eyes again and it was even closer but looked exactly the same and felt like it stated into my soul. I was downstairs in my living room in record time lol  Also one time my son who was 2 at the time sat at the bottom of the stairs in our 1800's farmhouse and looked up and said hi all excited like someone was up there. I had dreams all the time living in that house about being thrown up to the ceiling when I would enter rooms and turn lights on. Once we moved from that house the dreams stopped.
  • My parents bought a house from a family whose Grandma had just passed away. Down in the basement we had a family room and that's where the kids would always hang out and watch TV at night. No matter what channel we are on the TV would flip itself to the Discovery Channel. We would change it back to the TV so we were watching and a few minutes later it would flip back to the Discovery Channel. We always just chalked it up as the TV was going bad, but we kept that TV for another 10 years. Later in life I was at a local bar and I ran into one of the grandkids of the woman who it owned the house before us and got to talking about the house in the memories he'd had in the house. The one thing that stuck out to me was his biggest memory of the house was that the Discovery Channel was always playing as that was his Grandma's favorite TV station. Mind blown.
  • I used to be a team member on a local paranormal investigation team.  I have a few spooky stories! McCook County Courthouse. We were requested by county officials after numerous reports of paranormal activity. These reports came from sheriff deputies, judicial clerks, county commissioners, and even a judge. We captured so much activity that we went back for a second investigation. I had several validated experiences myself on both investigations. I had several validated experiences myself on both investigations Normally we could debunk and find scientific reasoning behind most claims. Not at this location. Almost every investigator had personal visual activity and we captured audio phenomena. On each rotation, we had a sheriff deputy or the sheriff with us and they shared some of the experiences during the investigation.

Now, excuse me, while I go watch a Disney musical to calm myself down.

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