We've all been home a lot more lately so maybe you're noticing things that you never noticed before. Maybe you're noticing weird noises or things seem to go missing.

Or maybe, you've been alone so long that you're just going crazy or getting really paranoid. (Me)

Anyway, I was in the middle of doing the morning show from home and my TV just turned on! No joke! And it changed to the Roku homepage! That is not the home screen! The remote was nowhere near me! What the What?!

It's only done it the one time, but I'm pretty sure I have an imaginary friend now. Maybe I'll name them.

Anyway, I mentioned this on the show and we got some pretty good ghost stories from listeners.

  • I was showering and my lights turned off and blow dryer on. I thought my husband was messing with me until I realized my door was locked and a ghosts was out for me 😩 ----I don't want to tell this person what to do, but move immediately.
  • When my wife and I got back from our honeymoon, she hung up her wedding dress upstairs in the middle of the room to bring to the cleaners and the first morning I got up for work I walked upstairs, where my work clothes are, and I seen a floating wedding dress and thought it was a person or ghost standing there cause I was barely awake and it scared the poop out of me.
  • Last week my brother and dad were both downstairs and working on the workshop my dad has down there. At the same time they witnessed a "person shaped white mist" move towards the door. A month earlier my mom complained to my brother that there was something outside and he should see who was out there in the middle of the night. He walks out the back door to see the porch light flashing and the huge cellar door closing. No one downstairs and no wind. My dad calls it his spook. Apparently follows him around his whole life
  •  Sometimes when we're sitting around in our living room just watching TV and chilling, we will smell what smells like bread toasting, but nobody is cooking anything in the kitchen. Our family named our 'ghost' Gary, but we recently renamed it Carole, after watching Tiger King.

Happy Haunted Quarantine!

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