Last weekend I had to run into the station for something. When I got home I couldn't find my glasses. A coworker found them the next day in the parking lot, looking pathetic.

I walked by the front desk after getting off the air, wearing my old glasses since the prescription hadn't changed much. There they were, just sitting on the front desk inside the case. The two women who sit up front didn't know who brought them in. I still don't know.

I opened up the case expecting to find broken plastic and shards of glass crumbled together inside. I was quite surprised when I saw that not only were my glasses mostly intact, but the lenses weren't scratched or cracked at all. However the frames did not come out from under the tire unscathed. One of the hinges was damaged in a way that the temple wanted to open way wider than would fit on my head.

Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7

If they were all I had they would have been completely wearable, but since I had the backup pair I didn't try wearing them. I brought them back to the store, where I had actually bought the extended service or repair or replacement plan, whatever it's called. Since the lenses were fine I just have to wait for another set of frames to come in and they'll be back on my face.

You have to hand it to the Ray-Ban case. The noble protective case did its job but paid a terrible price.

Andy Erickson/Hot 104.7

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