Even though I was very sad when Half Baked closed in downtown Sioux Falls, I was intrigued when I heard a new tiki bar was to open in its place.

The Hello Hi finally opened last weekend and what a cool atmosphere and inspired drink menu!

You know me, I love a good theme!

The bartenders and servers wore their best floral pattern, Hawaiian inspired shirts. The décor is like something off of Gilligan's Island, but cool! It's retro, but somehow very modern. And the drinks were so fun and delicious!

I tried the Pain Killer because I was told it's been the most popular. It was served with a dried piece of pineapple for garnish. It looked quite impressive and then I was told to take a bite of the pineapple and it was great with my drink! I quite enjoyed it, but I had serious drink envy when I saw some sort of concoction poured into a gaudy but amazing peacock glass, and then it was lit on fire! I want that one! I called it the Flaming Peacock, I believe it's actually called a Beetle in a Haystack. I think Flaming Peacock has a better ring to it, but whatever. Maybe I'll submit a comment card.

Anyway, I definitely think I'm going back to try that!

The Hello Hi has a partnership with Bread & Circus and will eventually serve pizza by the slice or whole pie out of the back of the bar. Can't wait for that!

Awesome idea!

I'll put that on my to-do list, get a Flaming Peacock, and a slice of pizza at The Hello Hi!

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