The Hello Hi just opened in downtown Sioux Falls and they've already suffered a terrible tragedy.

ET was kidnapped from the bar.

The first time I went to The Hello Hi, we sat at the bar, and I remembering seeing ET and thinking he was so cute. He was just sitting there, holding swizzle sticks all cute. I will be honest, I kind of wanted to take him, but I didn't because I'm a good person.

As is to be expected The Hello Hi is desperate to get their beloved ET statuette back!

On 12/13 at 12:27AM the unthinkable happened. While we were busy crafting delicious cocktails, our beloved E.T. was...

Posted by The Hello Hi on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

ET was taken on December 13th and as of the writing of this post, had not been returned.

The owners aren't mad, they're just disappointed. They will even arrange an anonymous drop-off. They just want ET back.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of ET, don't hesitate to contact The Hello Hi at or by phone at (605) 275-4544.

There is a $100 Gift Card as a reward for any information that leads to ET's safe return.

I really hope ET can make it back home before Christmas. Maybe his return will be a Christmas miracle!

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