A simple flashing of the headlights can be a quick heads up to a fellow driver as you pass by their vehicle.

Most of the time it may mean that your brights are on and the brightness could be distracting to other drivers who are passing you in the opposite direction.

But is this simple gesture of flashing your headlights at another driver in the state of Iowa considered illegal?

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Or could you get a ticket if a police officer or highway patrol office sees you doing this?

Here's what KTVO found out:

"In Iowa, there is no law that says flashing lights is illegal, but if it interferes with a police officer's work, it could be because for them to pull you over."It could depend on what their intentions are, if they know that they're trying to do something that would interfere with what the officer is doing, they could," said Sergeant Kevin Ward of the Ottumwa Police. "But once again, it's proving what their intent is"- KTVO.

In the same interview, Sergeant Ward mentioned that it is quite common to see vehicles flashing their headlights at one another; and the reason could mean several things like bad road conditions, animal crossings, upcoming roadwork, or car accidents may be ahead or to even reduce their speed.

As drivers flash their headlights with good intent, they will not be pulled over in the state of Iowa.

However, an interview that was conducted by K92.3 FM with Sherriff  Tony Thompson in Balck Hawk County Iowa claims things may have a grey area or be circumstantial depending on whether other drivers are trying to warn others of a speed trap, that is where things could get dicey.

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Sources: K92.3 FM & KTVO


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