Since the pandemic - when we were all tipping A LOT (if you could), we have all noticed that the tipping expectations have gotten a bit out of control. Or, has it? It might be a matter of opinion. This is since we have "gotten back to normal".

I am always a person who tips when the service is great... as a tip implies.  It's like a reward when your service is great. Always tip in a restaurant, just how much is up to you. There are standards, and we understand that.  Or at least most of us do.

I will usually tip well above the expectation when I'm dining out.  Or even if I just order a drink. I get annoyed with people who say that they "can't afford to tip".

Then you can't afford to eat or drink out. I have never worked in the food industry, but I've had several roommates over the years who have, and I would hear all the horror stories about non-tippers and now it's just been ingrained in me to tip well.

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I do, however, draw the line at tipping at every place that asks. Like if I am going and picking up my own grab-and-go snacks, or an expensive coffee, or even sometimes take-out. I may tip a dollar or so to the hostess for the takeout items. But are we really expected to tip when we just do a grab-and-go stop?

It's like this meme that I've seen all over social media:

I have found out a neat little hack if you feel like you shouldn't have to tip at the coffee shop.  And by the way, have you noticed that sometimes those card machines that they turn around to you to enter what you'd like to tip sometimes start at 22%?

But anyway, what you can do is this - use cash.

That way, no awkward exchange with the card machine when you are supposed to choose to tip or not to tip.

And that way, if you want to tip the change that you got back, go ahead and do so.  Up to you. It's really all up to you, but it's much less of an awkward exchange.

And on top of the tipping thing - the round-up for whatever cause is happening that day.  If I'm going to give, I will do so probably in a bigger way than that, and I understand the request and a lot of them I agree with.

But again, why am I giving in that way, when I cannot benefit from in any sort of tax situation?

The company that you are making said transaction/donation will benefit...and of course, the cause, but you can do that on your own. Your choice.

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