Valentine's Day is absolutely a commercial holiday. However, I don't think that Valentine's Day should be considered overrated. I came to this realization recently. Let me share with you why.

The way that Valentine's Day is always advertised is buy, buy, buy. Buy a card for your significant other, now buy them a gift, now take them out to a nice dinner, etc. etc. But what we can choose to focus on instead is the celebration of your relationship for Valentine's Day.


In relationships, it's important to spend quality time together in order for your relationship to grow and thrive. I've always heard that you should continue to date your spouse even after marrying them. I've also heard that you should try to plan at least one date night a month with your significant other. No kids, just the two of you. Well, that's easier said than done.

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But it's so important to get that alone time together, even if it's just for dinner. And that's what brings me to why I think Valentine's Day shouldn't be considered overrated. We should view Valentine's Day as a reminder to spend some quality time with our partner. You may have every intention to plan a date night with them but it just doesn't end up working out.

Valentine's Day, however, is already a set date on the calendar. The date is already decided, now you just need to pick what to do. While deciding what to do can be hard sometimes (every couple argues about where to go out to eat, right?) sometimes half the battle is just getting a date on the calendar, and that's already done for you!


What I'm trying to say is don't brush off Valentine's Day because it's a commercial holiday. Use it as a reminder to spend some quality time with your partner and to celebrate your partnership. You don't have to do anything fancy or get gifts, just plan a little time alone to re-connect.

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