We've all been there. It's after sunset and another vehicle flashes its headlights in your direction. This could mean anything from a speed trap nearby, bad road conditions ahead, or even crashed cars on the roadway ahead.

Sometimes it can be helpful, other times, downright annoying. But the question is, is flashing your headlights illegal in the state of South Dakota?

While doing a little research on the subject, the answer didn't present itself right away. After diving a little deeper, I found some information on South Dakota's section of the website, trafficschoolonline.com. This website is for anyone who moves to a new state and needs information on its driving laws, as they can differ dramatically depending on what state you live in.

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According to the site, there is no specific law allowing or prohibiting headlight flashing. While this may seem like a ringing endorsement for headlight flashing, it's more likely a much more vague law in the eyes of law enforcement. If the police believe your headlight flashing is impairing other drivers (or even yourself) from your duties on the roadway, you could still be cited.

This law (or lack of law) varies from state to state. In Minnesota, it is in fact illegal to flash your high beams at another vehicle. In Iowa, it appears that there is also no law preventing you from flashing your headlights, but if your flashing is interfering with the work of law enforcement, it could be enough for them to pull you over.

Story Source: trafficschoolonline.com

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