As much as we love our cats and dogs, wouldn't it be cool to tell your friends that you own a kangaroo? Well here's the South Dakota it’s still a dream.

Believe it or not, there are 13 states across the United States that allow you to own a kangaroo as a pet with or without a permit. Two of these states are in the Midwest, namely Wisconsin and Illinois.

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According to the AWOL website, it is illegal to own a kangaroo in most of the United States. In South Dakota, the kangaroos are probably better in the Great Plains Zoo.  It is definitely illegal to have a kangaroo as a pet in South Dakota.

Besides Wisconsin, other states that allow its residents to legally own a kangaroo with or without a permit include South Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio, Idaho, and Nevada.

In all honesty, I hardly think that a kangaroo could survive these harsh South Dakota winters. Also, kangaroos can be mean especially when they are mad! However, there is one exotic animal you can legally have in that state with a permit. It's an animal that everyone knows all too well around the Sioux Empire….a coyote. PetHelpful says owning this wild animal or a hybrid of a coyote is legal in the state. So if you're a huge University of South Dakota fan, this is the perfect pet for you!

If exotic animals aren't your thing, I suggest you just stick with cats, dogs, and fish.

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