I bought this little guy for Halloween of 2020. It is now Halloween 2021, and it still looks amazing. At this rate, I'm going to be able to set it out for next Halloween! The best $3 I ever spent!

I bought other pumpkins at the same time and they rotted a long time ago. But not this little white pumpkin. He's hanging in there.

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According to thespruce.com, white pumpkins are known by many names including albino pumpkin, ghost pumpkin, snowball, Casper, Lumina, baby boo, and cotton candy pumpkin.

White pumpkins have thinner skin and are great for carving. Their smooth skin is also good for painting or drawing on for decoration as well.

I've done a few different Google searches and can't really find a definite reason as to why they last so long. I'm just going to guess that because they are bred differently to get the color, that has something to do with their ability to not rot.

I think I'm going to start drawing different festive scenes on the pumpkin and just keep rotating it for different holidays. One section for Christmas, one section for Valentine's Day, one section for St. Patrick's Day, one section for the 4th of July, and so on and so forth. On second thought, it is a little pumpkin. Maybe there isn't enough space for that many holidays.

This lil' white pumpkin has become a sort of symbol for me. A symbol to be resilient, strong, and tough, yet flexible and learn to adapt to your changing surroundings.

Maybe that is a little deep for a $3 pumpkin.

Regardless, it sure is cute sitting on my counter!

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