Welcome to South Dakota, where over the course of a calendar year the temperature can fluctuate 120 degrees or more. When you live in the Mount Rushmore State it's just a fact of life.

And while South Dakota's temperature swings are extreme, every state in America sees some sort of variation depending on the season.

So it is nearly impossible to stay in one place and have the temp be the same all the time.

But if you're willing to travel, that's another story.

70 degree road trip
Brett Schneider

With that in mind, Climatologist Brian Brettschneider created a 9,125-mile road trip through the United States that keeps you in 70 degree weather every day for a full year.

Using weather data from the National Center for Environmental Information, he plotted a route through places that have a daily high average of 70℉.

The journey is featured on the Mental Floss website.

You start in Southern Texas on New Year's Day and head due north for the first three months of the year.

Then after April Fool's Day you turn east, making it all the way to Washington DC by May 1.

After that you head for the Great Lakes region, than across the Upper Midwest for the summer, before dropping through South Dakota just before the end of September.

From here it's back south, before turning west to finish the year in the southwest, ending the year in San Diego on New Year's Eve.

26 states in all.

80 degree road trip
Brett Schneider

Now if 70 is a bit too tepid for your taste and you're willing to tack on another 824 miles, you can bask in 80 degree weather all year long, by throwing in in Hawaii and the southern U.S., while staying out of the northern tier states.

You'd still come through South Dakota, only on this trip it would be the beginning of September, not the end.

Road trip anyone?

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