I recently had to get a new (to me) car because I was in a car accident.

My new (to me) car comes with a few more bells and whistles than my old one. For example, it has bluetooth capabilities, USB port, and a back up camera.

However, I was most excited that I could listen to CDs in the car again!!

My old car had a CD player, but it broke about two years ago.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I had a lot of driving to do and I was saved by re-discovering some of my old Mix CDs.

Some of the songs on these things I forgot even existed!

For example, Lifehouse "Breathing." I had a moment one Summer in high school when I was obsessed with Jason Wade and I thought this song was so romantic at the time, but now it's a little creepy. You're going to listen to me breathing outside the door? Wait, what?

Next up, New Radicals "Some Day We'll Know." This was on the A Walk To Remember soundtrack, which was a movie I loved. I didn't buy the soundtrack, however. Napster was a thing back then. My Mix CD had a few songs from the movie. Anyway, New Radicals version is the original and the song is covered by Mandy Moore for the movie.

Lara Fabian "I Will Love Again." This song wasn't super huge in the states, but I heard it once and had to download it illegally immediately! For some reason I love a dance beat to sad lyrics. The words are kind of sad, but it's got a good beat and I can dance to it. Overall, it's optimistic, right?

And finally, Robbie Williams "Angels." Robbie Williams left British boy band Take That to pursue a solo career and he was huge overseas while in America he had mediocre success. I love this song "Angels" and when I heard Jessica Simpson's terrible cover I was very upset!

So what have we learned here? I was a somber weird youth.

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