I try to go to the gym for Zumba class 3ish times a week, but ya know sometimes life gets in the way and scheduling conflicts arise and basically I can make any excuse not to work out.

I am the type of person that prefers the classes at the gym over working out by myself.  I would lose interest or half-ass some of the stuff.  And honestly, after about 10 minutes on a treadmill I'm super bored and want to leave.  So, like I said, I stick to classes.

In the classes there is an instructor pushing you and keeping my attention for the full 45 to 60 minutes of the class.  Also, because we all care a little bit about what people think about us, I try a little harder so the other people in the class don't think I'm totally pathetic.  Honestly though, I hardly ever look around at anyone else so I'm sure no one cares what I'm doing, but whatever.

Sometimes I think the working out part is easy, it's the eating well part that is hard.  That is where I fail.  I try to not buy crap at the grocery store so that at least at home I'm not as tempted, but I mean there is a drive thru only a few minutes away no matter where ya go.  Willpower is something I struggle with.

All of the above is why this video resonated with me. Buzzfeed read my mind in this video. The video is entitled , "This Is What It's Like To Be Out Of Shape At The Gym."