We were inspired by a Buzzfeed article about people who work in the service industry and how they 'retaliate' when customers are rude.

Just about everybody at one point or another has worked in some kind of customer service role whether it be retail, restaurants, call centers, etc. Everyone has a story about 'that' customer.

So, we asked our listeners about their experiences and we got some great responses. I did edit some of the names just to spare some embarrassment. Let's dive right in!

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  •  When I have a rude customer I don't do anything I know that people can have a bad day so I let it go and that's how I deal. (Ok, we get it, you're a good person.)
  • When drive-thru customers are rude, give them lots of ice in their pop. All ice, no pop, no refills
  • The bigger of a jerk you are in my bar the less liquor you get in your drink. I have regulars who are drinking straight soda by the end of the night
  • When I worked at ______ years ago people would always ask us to look in the back. Nice about it? I'd actually look. Not nice? I'd take time to have a snack and come back out saying "nope sorry"
  • Worked in a call center someone rude or yelling I just go silent until they ask if you are still there. Wait a few more seconds and just say yep. Just making sure you are done.... usually stops them from screaming at you
  • When I was pregnant (obviously pregnant 8 months) I was a server at a sports bar. We were open for lunch and these 2 guys came in at like 10:30 (we didn't start serving until 11) so I was still trying to get all the opening stuff done and probably wasn't as attentive as I normally would have been. One of the guys made a comment about me being slow and asked if I was hungover, I said I'm yeah I'm pregnant and hungover, he said oh I just thought you were really fat...when I delivered his iced tea, I "accidentally" spilled it on him... later that day he came back (about 4), I was the only one working (bartending)...he waited a long time for his drink
  • I work in our complaints department at ________ and when a customer gets really angry and nasty I get extra nice just to get them even angrier.. once they start screaming I tell them I'll disconnect the call if they can't stay professional and that usually pushes them over the top
  • Opposite of the situation. As a customer when I get mad and upset with the person on the phone or with service I often state "sorry for taking this out on you because you're not the one that made the policy or rules but this is something you should relay to management for future customers" It helps me express my frustration but not make the employee feel worthless.
  • I worked at ______ for about 10 years and this lady came in one day and was asking about a coupon that we had and she said it includes the ultimate cheesy bread and I said ma’am that says excludes which means you can’t get it so that was the first argument and I was trying so hard to be nice because she just kept arguing it and then she decided that she still wanted the ultimate cheesy bread so I go to make it for her and I’m putting on the garlic butter I put on the first cheese that goes on and she asked me to put it on lightly, so I did, then the next step was to add Parmesan cheese so I’m sprinkling it on there and she looks at me and goes I told you I didn’t want that much cheese why would you put that on there I just stopped and took off my gloves and walked to the back and told my coworker I can’t do this because if I stayed up there I probably would’ve yelled at her so my coworker had to kindly ask her to leave as the lady is standing there screaming about her ultimate cheesy bread that has too much cheese on it
  • When I worked at _______ and if they were rude I'd stick the ketchup and mustard bottle into the top bun and fill it up so when they take a bite it gets all over their shirts
  • When I worked at a bowling alley in high school that also served food, we would always have a lady argue about how much the bill was. So I would always have my mom who was the manager explain her bill She was always so rude every time she came in that I purposely remembered to charge for every dressing, a slice of tomato, etc. if she would have been nice, I may have forgotten the ranch.
  • This question speaks to my soul .... when customers try to get your attention by snapping their fingers at you or shaking their empty glass and ice at me ....you bet I'm gonna check on my other customers before I come back to you you get just annoyed waiting as I do getting snapped at. Or when you introduce your self to a table and they interrupt you with "WATER!" or some other drink ........ (this part isn't radio appropriate) I just want to reply with "well F*** me right!? and walk away!

Not one story mentioned spitting in someone's food or drink. Interesting. Must be an urban legend.


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