According to the website Buzzfeed, your favorite flavor of milkshake says a lot about you. When I took the test, my results came back 'honest.'

Other examples include "intelligent" if you choose Vanilla:

You are extremely intelligent. Whether it’s book smart or street smart, you’re quick as a whip. You love puzzles, brain teasers, and solving real-life problems. You love solving friends’ problems with great advice. With all the brain activity, try not to overthink things.

Or you're "breezy" if you enjoy a good mocha milkshake:

You love warm weather and going to the beach. You know how to relax and stay calm even in crazy situations. People love spending time with you because of your warm and breezy personality.


To find out what your favorite milkshake flavor says about you, CLICK HERE.

Source: Buzzfeed

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