This weekend I went to the Black Hills with some friends for a weekend getaway. We decided to go to Jake's in Deadwood for dinner. If you don't know "Jake's" is Kevin Costner's restaurant.

This older gentleman comes up to our table and asks my friend Justin if he and Amanda are a couple. He says yes and then the gentleman tells him that his wife was staring at them as they walked in and were such a handsome couple. Immediately I say "awwwww" and loved the fact that this guy went out of his way to give such a nice compliment. I have always believed that you should give people compliments often.

Then a few minutes later after this gentleman leaves, our server goes up to the table behind us and she tells the couple that the very gentleman that gave my friends the sweet compliment paid for their meal! We were all in awe as we just witnessed a random act of kindness. Their bill had to be around $100.

During the year the girls and I do our own random act of kindness day where we make homemade treats and deliver them to our friends and family, but this made me want to do more.

Have you witnessed any random acts of kindness? I would love to hear what you experienced.




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