It was the mid-nineties and young women everywhere were still swooning over The Bodyguard starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner and the iconic song, “I Will Always Love You” which was originally done by Dolly Parton. No doubt there were some women who actually used that song as part of a wedding service because of the title and they bypassed all the lyrics that led to the chorus.

Most people don’t know the whole story. Parton was breaking away from her mentor and friend Porter Waggoner in their music partnership so that she could fully realize her talent.

“Goodbye. Please don’t cry. Because we both know that I’m not what you need, but I will always love you.”

This is a wedding song?

A close second on the list in the wedding song category is one that appeared at a wedding reception being played in the background. It’s very likely that the DJ had no idea of the concept of the song even though a wedding is mentioned.

Lyle Lovett doesn’t have quite the singing or songwriting accomplishments of Dolly Parton, but somehow his song called “L.A. County” appeared in the summer of 2018. It’s probably not based on actual events (though it could be).

“They kissed each other then turned around and they saw me standing in the aisle. Well, I did not say much. I just stood there watching as that .45 told them, ‘Goodbye.’”


Not to be a picker of nits about what songs should be played at a wedding, but there are some doozies that could slip into the playlist without a second thought. Wedding Planners and Music Masters of Ceremonies take note.

Also, don't play the J. Geil's Band "Love Stinks" either. If you've ever watched The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler, you'd know why.

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