My grandma has become sort of a character on the show for saying it how it is. I feel like I make her come off pretty harsh and abrasive, but she really has a soft heart.

Her 80th birthday is today actually, February 20th, but we threw her a surprise party on Saturday.

I can't really take too much credit for planning it. But I helped set out the sandwiches!

Anyway, the party was at the legion in the small town in Iowa that she lives in. The invitations did say it was a surprise party, but apparently in a small town they all just show up whenever they want.

Also, my dad was the one who was supposed to bring her to the legion, so when I asked what he told my grandma to get her there he said he just pulled in. Seriously, people! Be a little more imaginative.

However, my uncle ruined the surprise a little anyway. When my dad texted to say they were a couple miles away, he takes that as a cue to have a cigarette break out front. So when my Grandma saw him outside she knew something was up.

Even though she kind of knew what was going on, her reaction was priceless. I'm not sure if you can totally tell, but she starts crying when she sees everyone there.

At first, I didn't know if her face was mad or what, but then I realized, "Oh she's crying."

I will say it was fun to get a lot of the extended family together for something that wasn't bad. It seems like I only see some of these relatives at funerals.

Overall, I think my grandma had a good time. Even though she made all of us do the family photos in sections. Ya know, each chunk of the family tree and then cousins and then so on. Of course she was in all the photos, but didn't smile in any of them. That's just not her style.

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