So, here's the deal. I was away for my desk a little bit and when I came back there was an Amazon package sitting there. Um, I didn't order anything.

I got a little nervous. What is going on? Is it a nice gift? Did someone send me a dead rabbit? I don't know, people can be weird.

So, hesitantly, I open the package, and much to my surprise it was a new Pride fan!!!!

Let me fill you in, for the last few Junes, I would have a Pride fan at various Pride festivities. And, almost every year, that fan ended up frayed, torn, and busted. I've had many replacement fans.

This happened again this year as evidenced below.

So, my good friend Adam sent me this amazingly awesome upgraded, ginormous Pride fan! I can't wait to use it! I'm going to the Black Hills this weekend and I think I'm going to need to bring it along just in case. I mean, I would hate to be outside drinking a fabulous Rose in this Summer heat and not have a fan!

I think it's so fun that Amazon even has the option to send as a gift. The accompanying card had explicit directions.

On the card, Adam wrote, "An upgraded model! Thanks for being our ally. From Adam." And I just have one thing to say back, "No, thank you!"

Anyway, it really made my day! Thanks again! And even though June is Pride month and it has come again, every day is a good day to have Pride!

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