Back in December, we had a family Christmas at my Grandma's house on my dad's side of the family.

My grandma keeps a lot of stuff. I'm not sure if she's quite hoarder status, but sometimes I'll look in a drawer or closet at her house and think, "Why does she have this?" However, every once in awhile, she pulls something out that makes us all kind of happy she never throws anything away.

My grandma had old coloring books from when we were kids! I'm not sure of the years exactly, but you can definitely see my growth in fine motor skills over the years.

It was actually pretty fun to look through these coloring books with my cousins. So, I guess, this time Grandma did a good thing by being a pack rat.

I think one of the coloring books was about Thanksgiving, one was an activity book with a Christmas theme, and one was all about Mickey Mouse.

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