Thanks to the recent trade war with Canada, and all the talk of increasing tariffs around the world, farmers here in the United States are finding themselves with a surplus of cheese on their hands - in fact, the biggest surplus in nearly a century.

According to the International Dairy Foods Association, Canada's high milk import tax is one of the reasons why U-S dairy farmers find themselves with nearly 4-billion pounds of surplus cheese.

Another reason given for the high surplus is the fact that milk is now having to compete with so many other beverages, which has helped drive milk consumption down. And it doesn't sound like it's going to get any better anytime soon.

So, what's the best way to store unsold milk? - in cheese.

Until things begin to improve, dairy officials are suggesting Americans go out there and "cheese it up" when barbecuing in the backyard. Don't be skimpy when it comes to putting cheese on that cheeseburger.

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