It's National Cheese Day and it's hard to think of a food that people love more. However, Americans and the rest of the world are extremely divided on what the best kind of cheese there is.

Did you know that people have been eating cheese, in one form or another, for over four thousand years? In that length of time, we've developed hundreds of different varieties, and many different cultures have their own go-to when it comes to cheese.

parmesan cheese with tomatoes

Which country eats the most cheese?: You might guess Italy, or Switzerland, maybe? You wouldn't be too far off. France eats the most cheese, per capita in the world at a whopping 58 pounds per person, every year! Coincidence that they also drink the most wine? It seems like these two go hand and hand. Germany is second on the list, followed by Luxembourg, Iceland, and Greece. In fact, every country in the top ten is located in Europe. Europeans love their cheese!

Cheddar cheese
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What's America's favorite?: Cheddar. Some of the first cheeses made in the American Colonies were cheddars and it's stuck with us. Americans also love their own cheese, along with Mozzarella, Swiss, Gouda, and just about any other cheese you can think of.

Jonathan Daniel via Getty Images
Jonathan Daniel via Getty Images

What State Makes the Most Cheese?: This one's a no-brainer, Wisconsin! America's Dairyland produces 26 percent of the nation's cheese at over 2 billion pounds a year.

Grab a tray and celebrate with your favorite cheeses on this National Cheese Day.

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