There are two types of "cheesy" people in this world:  People who simply can't get enough of cheese or others who prefer to leave the cheese alone.  So if you are a cheese-lover, then this interesting cheese study from Zippia is just too "gouda" to resist.

Sometimes your favorite type of food reflects the tastes of your region which is why Zippia was motivated to determine each state's favorite type of cheese.  Based on the states’ popular Google Trends, Zippia was able to identify each member of this great Union’s favorite cheese.

So what is South Dakota's favorite cheese?  It just so happens that South Dakota's favorite cheese is also a pretty delicious snack.  String cheese!  It's the perfect cheese to take on the go to work, soccer practice, long car rides...the list goes on!

Our neighboring states also share a love for cheese.  According to Zippia's findings, these are their favorite types of cheese:

Minnesota and Wisconsin: Swiss Cheese

Iowa and Nebraska: Velveeta

Illinois: Queso Blanco (This is one of my favorite cheeses, so I'm glad to see I'm on track with my home state!)

Zippia's research also revealed the following interesting facts:

  • Queso Blanco was the top cheese in eight states.  That's more than the other cheeses including in the study.
  • Cheese Whiz was the top cheese in just one state, which is Delaware.
  • Cheddar or Blue cheese did not top as the favorite in any state.
  • Cream Cheese was the favorite for six states, which makes it the second most favored cheese across the country.

You can literally pair cheese with almost any food item.  One of my favorite snacks is mozzarella cheese with some crackers and a little cup of fruit.

What's your favorite type of cheese?

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