A child is caught in the middle of a twisted tale that leaves more questions than answers.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says the origin of the case was a remark that the witness found as strange.

“A woman and a six-year-old girl were walking in an area just a little bit east of Cliff Avenue. [The woman] told someone that she was being human trafficked. Officers eventually found the two of them near 5th Street and Highland Avenue.”

Police discovered that the woman had an outstanding warrant against her and a syringe with meth residue on her person. Additionally, the woman was not the mother of the child. Clemens says the police had to do some additional detective work on the child’s behalf.

“We were able to figure out who the girl was who her mom is. We haven’t been able to find Mom. We found where they had been staying and that guy said that the mom and the daughter had been staying on and off there but he had no idea where the mom was either.”

The girl was taken into protective custody and the 20-year old Sioux Falls woman was arrested on the outstanding warrant. She is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Police are still sorting through details about how the woman and girl were acquainted.

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