Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation announced that the aquatic centers in town will all be closed today due to the cool, cloudy and rainy weather.

The pools affected are:

  • Drake Springs Family Aquatic Center—301 South Fairfax Avenue
  • McKennan Wading Pool—1500 South Third Avenue
  • Pioneer Spray Park—East Pine Street/North Jessica Avenue
  • Terrace Park Family Aquatic Center—1001 West Madison Street

The Midco Aquatic Center, which is indoors, is open for regular hours until 8:00 P.M. tonight.

In case you did not know, the indoor pool's policy for lightning and thunder is as strict as the poop in the pool policy. From the press release:

Reminder: even indoors, whenever we hear thunder or see lightning, all patrons will be required to exit the water and splash pad until 20 minutes have elapsed since the last clap of thunder is heard or lightning is sighted.

But it isn't for no reason. Back in the day on Mythbusters they rigged up a house loaded with lightning and managed to start a fire in the shower. There was no electrical current in the dummy they set up to be fried, but they thought it was plausible. And if Adam and Jamie say it could happen, I believe them.

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