I never knew that this was a thing you could do. But, now I can't wait to go out west to visit.

The Minuteman Missile National Historic Site is just off of I-90 at exit 131 east of Wall, SD. It is a preserved underground Minuteman nuclear missile silo, and an above-ground Launch Control Facility. There's also a visitor's center.

The Minuteman missiles were an important part of the United States Cold War defense strategy. Silos like this were placed all over the Midwest and plains states.

Growing up on the Great Plains I've long been fascinated with these missile silos that exist among us. When I found our about this historical site and was researching it, I came across a couple of great videos about the site.

This first one takes us on a quick tour of the silo.

This video features Retired Air Force Major Glenn Plumb talking about wouking at the facility in the 1970's.

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