7 Minerals Mined in South Dakota

South Dakota's economy is dominated by agriculture, healthcare, tourism, and manufacturing. That's a pretty good, strong mix.

Mining doesn't play as big a role in South Dakot's economic world. Especially compared to our neighbors in Minnesota with the Iron Rang up north, or Wyoming with its extensive coal mining operations.

But, mining is a part of South Dakota. A lot of that mining is done in the Black Hills. You're probably familiar with the famous Black Hills Gold that is found out west. But, gold isn't the only valuable mineral dug up in South Dakota.

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17 Animals You Can Hunt All Year in South Dakota

South Dakota loves to hunt. It's not only one of the state's most popular pastimes, but it's also big business. Especially South Dakota's famous Pheasant season.

There are seasons for hunting deer, antelope, turkey, and even bison. Plenty of opportunities to get that freezer in the garage stocked up.

The South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Department is the place to go for info about hunting licenses and specific rules and regulations for hunting in South Dakota.

Hunting most game in South Dakota is restricted to specific hunting seasons. Like deer and pheasant seasons in the fall.

But there are also animals you can hunt year-round in South Dakota.

There are still some rules to follow, like where exactly you can hunt. South Dakota has millions of acres of public and private land to hunt on. And you'll still need a hunting license.

So, always check with the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks Department for the latest information and regulations.

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Never Buy These 10 Items At Minnesota, Iowa, Or South Dakota Dollar Stores

Folks in Minnesota, Iowa, And South Dakota know the value of a dollar.

Buying the cheapest item isn't always the best idea. Reader's Digest put out a list that will make you think twice about what you purchase on the cheap.

You should probably Never Buy These 10 Items At Minnesota, Iowa, Or South Dakota Dollar Stores...

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