I should start by saying that I have a complicated relationship with hippies.

I grew up one generation removed from the heart of the hippie heyday in the 1960s. And was drowned in the hippie memories, lore, and nostalgia growing up.

So I am filled with both a love for the hippie's revolutionary spirit and I 100% get why Sergeant Joe Friday made them his public enemy #1.

So, while, at times, I have to guard against my eyes rolling out of my head, my wife and I do love communities with a good hippie spirit and aesthetic. But I draw the line at hacky-sack.

Where is a Hippie Town?

A hippie town is hard to describe. But, you know it when you're in one. They're full of artistic, creative, and eclectic people. My kind of people. People who just want to live life in their own way and enjoy a community of good folks.

Everyone's favorite creator of internet lists, Thrillist, went through each state in the union and named "The Most Hippie Town in All 50 States."

Where are the Hippie Towns of South Dakota, Minnesota, or Iowa?

Hippie Towns of South Dakota, Minnesota, or Iowa
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The Most Hippie Town in Iowa: Decorah

This town is just four and a half hours east of Sioux Falls, in northern Iowa. It's the home of Luther College, a liberal arts school. It's also reportedly a honey hot spot. Bees and beekeeping seem to be a big deal here.

Hippie Towns of South Dakota, Minnesota, or Iowa
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The Most Hippie Town in Minnesota: Duluth

Thrillist says that the hippest town in Minnesota is this small city on the bank of Lake Superior. Access to gorgeous outdoor adventures and a love of the jam band Trampled by Turtles seem to be enough for this place to make the list.

The Most Hippie Town in South Dakota: Spearfish

Of course, the most hippie town in South Dakota would be in the Black Hills. The pride of South Dakota is beautiful and delightfully remote. Just the sort of place for the outsiders of society to gather.

If you are the crunchy hiker type, you will fall in love with Spearfish Canyon. There's a place called Devil's Bathtub for goodness sake! And you can swim in it.

With  Black Hills State University in town, it has a college-town feel that attracts free-spirits.

It does have some of the most expensive real estate in South Dakota, though.

SOURCE: Thrillist

The Freest Town in Colorado’s Journey from Mining to Hippies

The relatively-unknown town of Ward, Colorado is perhaps the most lawless in the state and has a history as a mining hub as well as a hippie haven.

Gallery Credit: Nate Wilde

Leadville Colorado's Tie-Dye Hippie House is as 420 Friendly as it Gets

Are you looking for a "relaxing" getaway in Colorado? This Airbnb in Leadville is about as 420 Friendly as it gets. As a matter of fact, each room comes with complimentary rolling papers. Take a quick tour.

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