Ever since Drake AKA Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi AKA real name Aubrey Graham became an actual, legitimate rapper, I have been waiting for this music video!

I knew Drake still kept in touch with some of the cast of Degrassi because they pop up from time to time on his social media and I just like to pretend that anybody that has been on a TV show is best friends forever.

Personally, I thought Drake's song, "Started From the Bottom" would have been a good song for the Degrassi cast to cameo because it was where he started. Get it?

But anyway, it doesn't matter now because we have the video for "I'm Upset." To be honest, I can take or leave the song, but I am LIVING for the music video!

I was a HUGE Degrassi fan. Well, technically it was Degrassi:The Next Generation. For those of you that don't know the original Degrassi was on in Canada in the 80's and then in 2001 we were gifted The Next Generation. Some of the original cast members came back as parents and school teachers to tie in the two shows. But I was all about the new cast. Unlike, other high school dramas, the actors were actually the age they were playing! And the drama! For real, Degrassi had everything: teen pregnancy, cutting, bi-polar, rape, abusive relationships, addiction, gay/lesbian issues, racism, school shootings, etc.

Drake's character, Jimmy Brooks, was in a wheelchair after being shot during a school shooting. I hadn't cried like that at a TV show in awhile.

Anyway, in the music video, all the Degrassi faves are back: Craig, Emma, Spinner, Manny, Hazel, Ashley, Terri, Liberty, Paige, Ellie, Toby, Mia, Marco, just to name a few. I know I probably missed a couple. And can we talk about how some of them look exactly the same and some are like Whoa! Talk about a glow up! AJ Saudin anyone? I did not recognize him for a second. Conner grew up!

Even Rick, the guy that shot Drake is in the video! Whoa! Also, Jay and Silent Bob make a cameo. Why, you may ask. Well, they were on a season of Degrassi because Kevin Smith was using the school as a set in a movie he was making. I told you the show had everything!

Probably my favorite part in the music video, besides the Principal buying weed from Jay and Silent Bob, is the end credits with the original opening theme song! I die! And I like that they told me who everybody was because I missed a couple.

Some characters we are missing include Sean, Jay, Darcy, and JT. I mean JT's death was the other episode of Degrassi that made me cry hysterically besides Jimmy getting shot. The cast for that show was huge so I guess I understand why everybody couldn't be there.

And just like on the show, the music video ends with some outlandish antics: vandalism, a fire, and everyone running out of the reunion!

I love this so much.

Thank you, Drake. This is the music video that Degrassi fans deserve.

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