Ok, so yesterday, the internet was going crazy about Drake's new music video because it has the cast of Degrassi in it! Myself, included. I was freaking out and still am!

Here is the deal, at the end of the music video all the Degrassi kids have a then and now moment so you can remember/figure out who they are. Some of them look pretty much the same and some don't. Fine. That's great.

But who is this guy? I circled him in red. I can't figure it out!

OVO Sounds via YouTube
OVO Sounds via YouTube

I've looked at a bunch of different online sources and no one mentions him! Not Billboard, not Muchmusic, not Gamespot.

A few of my friends said they thought it was Rick AKA the guy that shot Jimmy on the show, but they show him getting chased down the hall with long hair. The mystery guy has short hair. The character JT was brought up as well, but he doesn't quit look like JT either. Help!

Who are you, dude? Did you even go to Degrassi?

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