"Whatever it takes. I know I can make it through." That is just one lesson I was taught from watching Degrassi: The Next Generation and it was the theme song.

Degrassi, for those of you that don't know, is a Canadian teen soap opera that started back in the 80s and then was rebooted in the 90's/early 00s, with the original stars as parents and teachers to the 'next generation.'

The show was different from other teen shows because the actors were actually teenagers and the show did not shy away from any issue: bullying, anorexia, school shootings, cutting, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, drugs, alcohol, mental illness, abortion, it goes on and on.

Now the show has found a new home on Netflix and in honor of its 500th episode. That's right, 500 episodes, there is going to be a reunion show with original cast members from Next Generation.

For those in the know, Drake got his start on Degrassi. Back then he went by Aubrey Graham and his character's name was Jimmy Brooks. In the commercial, there is no appearance of Jimmy/Drake/Aubrey, but that doesn't mean that maybe it's going to be a surprise! Maybe that's just wishful thinking. I'm sure he's too busy to be bothered with such trivial things as the reunion on a show that made him famous and without which he probably wouldn't be a rapper with the #1 album, but I digress.

It premieres July 22nd!


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