This burger had me scared.

Ode to Food and Drinks' Surfer Bob Burger is described as, "Ode house grind (brisket & sirloin) cooked to order, pan seared Spam, pineapple relish, Swiss cheese, smoked Maui onion aioli, and shredded lettuce on a Hawaiian sweet roll."

Spam? The one time I tried Spam, it was straight out of the can, and it was disgusting.

But, I love pineapple so maybe that would save it.

Well, ya know what? I loved this burger. The Spam just adds a salty component. It's a solid slice of Spam, but it isn't huge or overpowering.

And the pineapple relish? So good, you guys. And the sweet Hawaiian roll? Delicious!

This burger obviously had some sweet components so the saltiness of the spam actually helped balance out the flavors very nicely.

As far as presentation, I think Ode is in first place. The pineapple relish is just so pretty and colorful.

All the burgers are so different, it's hard to compare them or pick a winner, but I'll keep trying them until there is a clear winner. It's a tough job, but someone has got to do it.

Six down, six to go.

Natasha/Hot 104.7
Natasha/Hot 104.7



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