Every January, you can look forward to Downtown Sioux Falls' Downtown Burger Battle.

Last year was the first year I tried to get to all six burgers. Sadly, I did not succeed. I think I only got to four of them.

This year, I will try all six.

My first burger of 2018 was Ode to Food and Drinks' 'Son of the Hutt.' It is described as follows:

7oz House ground beef patty {cooked to order}, topped with pancetta, fried onion strings & Beer Ghost Cheese sauce on a grilled egg bun.

It was delicious! I was nervous the Beer Ghost cheese might be too spicy, but it was just right. And I have no idea what an egg bun is, but it was delicious! Plus, anytime you had pork to a burger it's a win so the pancetta was a nice addition.

I'm not sure why the burger is called Son of the Hutt. I understand it is a Star Wars reference, but I don't get it. Doesn't matter. It was still yummy.

My rule with the Downtown Burger Battle is that I have to try it as it was intended. At Ode they offered the burger as a lettuce wrap or the onion strings on the side, but I said No. I want to try it as is.

Like last year, one of the burgers had sauerkraut on it. I don't particularly like sauerkraut, but I was pleasantly surprised. It was delicious on the burger.

Besides eating delicious burgers, there are prizes to be won. The Downtown Sioux Falls website states:

Those who complete and turn in rating slips will be eligible to win a grand prize of a gift card to each of the participating restaurants.  Did you try a featured burger that you absolutely loved?!  Beginning January 2nd, post a photo of your burger to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the restaurant name and the hashtag #BurgerBattle18 to be entered to win a weekly restaurant gift card drawing!

Last year, The Market won! Who will it be this year?

Five restaurants remain: JL Beers, Pave, The Market, Tommy Jacks, and Wiley's.

Can't wait to try them!

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