My journey to complete the 2019 Downtown Burger Battle continues!

I had never been to Falls Landing before so I was excited to check it out. It is located inside Country Inn & Suites on 8th Street.

Falls Landing's offering is called The Valhalla and is described as follows, "A burger topped with sweet and spicy bacon, a garlic and herb whipped cream cheese and sweet haystack onions."

Tommyjack's also had fried onions on their burger so I was curious how this would measure up. The Valhalla holds up for sure!

The Valhalla had not only fried onions, but also caramelized onions that helped with a touch of sweetness which paired nicely with the herb cream cheese! That herb cream cheese was everything!

And, I mean, the bacon. Bacon only makes things better.

I had Falls Landing homemade chips with the burger. They are made to order and dusted with parmesan cheese. Here's a little tidbit: take a homemade chip and get some of that herby cream cheese on it and that is a whole other bite of awesome in itself.

I mentioned the cream cheese/chip combination to our server and she said that's actually a great idea to serve them together. So, if you see that on Falls Landing's menu in the future, you're welcome.

Nine down, three to go!


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