Third time is the charm! The third burger I tried for this year's Downtown Burger Battle was Blarney Stone's The Corker.

The Corker didn't need the luck of the Irish because it was delicious all on its own. It's basically a delicious reuben on top of a burger patty. The official description is, "A half-pound burger patty topped with Swiss cheese and slow-roasted, tender corned beef and sauerkraut, drizzles with thousand island dressing."

The description doesn't mention the bun, but so far, Blarney Stone's bun has been my favorite. It was yummy.

So, I don't even actually like reubens or sauerkraut, but I really liked this burger! Wait, maybe I do like reubens and sauerkraut! I think the beauty of this burger was that no one flavor was overpowering. So even though sauerkraut can be a powerful flavor, it blended well with the cheese, thousand island, and corned beef.

The corned beef was definitely tender and delicious. Some fell off of the burger and it was scrumptious by itself. The swiss cheese kind of melted into the thousand island dressing and it was amazing.

Three down, nine to go!



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