People are constantly on the go either running late to work, taking kids to soccer practice, or just always going somewhere in the car. Sometimes, there is simply no time to stop and eat. Some individuals have no choice but to eat in their cars.

This seems like a normal routine for some people to enjoy a burger with fries or a milkshake on the road. However, just like using your cellphone while driving is against the law, is eating and driving illegal in South Dakota? Well...that really depends on what South Dakota town you're driving in.

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Due to the fact there are no specific laws, eating and driving is allowed in South Dakota. However, there is one South Dakota city that actually fines drivers for eating while driving. According to the Business Insider, Huron enforces that eating and driving is illegal.  If you get caught eating those french fries in the car while driving, the city will fine you $15.00.  Not only is eating prohibited while driving, other distractions are also illegal in Huron. These distracting behaviors include putting on makeup, reading, or writing.

The City of Huron passed this city ordinance back in 2013.  $15.00 may not seem like a lot, but it can add up if you are a repeat offender. I get it. People just have busy schedules. I even had a few cheeseburgers in the car with my mom growing up when my sister and I were on our way to ice skating practice. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day. However, reaching for that french fry is certainly not worth getting into a car accident or the fine you could ultimately pay!

So the next time you're driving through Huron, South Dakota, make sure you eat something before or after you're on the road.  After all, safety first and your wallet should be your top priorities.



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