We all have those days where we feel like we are rushing to our next appointment.  We could also just simply be having a bad day period, and that's okay.  Experiencing any type of car accident might be the number one reason for having an off day.

Believe it or not, Esurance found that 77% of drivers have been in at least one accident.  The average person alone could have between three-four accidents during his/her lifetime.  According to News 9, "driver related factors are the cause of almost 90% of crashes."  This statistic includes improper braking, violating the right-away, fatigued driving, and distracted driving.

Well last Saturday afternoon, I didn't really feel like I was in a hurry. I was merely heading to church for weekly mass. Per usual, I allowed myself plenty of time to leave without rushing. As soon as l started backing out of my parking spot in my underground garage, I heard a crash. The next sound I heard (figuratively speaking) was my bank account crying....

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My parking spot is right next to this giant cement pole, and I have always been slightly nervous pulling into this particular spot.  I went for a run earlier that morning, and everything was fine. However, in reality, I guess when I pulled in after returning from my run, I was way too close to the pole.

The good news is I'm not the only one that hits non-moving objects in the state.  According to a recent car accident report from the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, in 2020 461 drivers were involved in car accidents that can be attributed to "improper backing."  This accounted for about 2.6% of the accidents in the state. 747 individuals experienced a car accident due to distracted driving. The South Dakota county that leads the state with the most accidents in 2020? That would be Minnehaha with a grand total of 5,231 accidents.  Lincoln County is in third place with 1,109 accidents.

In my situation, the upside is that it was only a mirror, and no one was injured. The moral of the story is always pay attention when you're behind the wheel, even if you are used to a certain driving routine.  You'll learn your lesson the hard way like I did.

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