A South Dakota pizza delivery person is being charged with faking her own kidnapping because "she wanted a break from her husband."

When some women want to get away from their husband for some private reflection they maybe go on a girl's weekend or perhaps visit relatives for a getaway. Not this gal.

This 22-year-old South Dakota woman has been charged with attempted grand theft and false report to authorities because she allegedly faked her own kidnapping because “she wanted a break from her husband”.

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The Argus Leader is reporting that the woman who worked as a pizza delivery person for a Domino's pizza restaurant “called her husband and said that she was surrounded by multiple subjects who had a gun and were demanding money”.

The husband called the authorities. The husband then started getting texts that demanded money if he wanted to get his wife back.

Some of the texts the husband received included:

  • "I just want to come home"
  • "I don't have long I love you please help."
  • "Call the cops and she's hurt get the money and she leaves without harm."
  • "Have it by 2 pm tomorrow and she will be without harm."

Officers went to the woman's last know delivery and the customer at the house indicated that they had indeed received their order and didn't notice anything out of the normal with the delivery woman.

The Brookings, South Dakota SWAT team eventually found the woman's car with her and another man inside the vehicle.

It was during a conversation with Detectives that the woman admitted that the whole kidnapping thing was because "she wanted a break from her husband."

The original indecent took place back in February of 2021. The woman It's expected to be arraigned at the Minnehaha County Courthouse this month on Jan. 26.


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