Debt collectors have found a new way to contact you about the money you owe them.


According to NPR, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau approved new rules on how they collect debt that took effect on Tuesday. CFPB says these rules were a necessary update on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which hadn't been updated in nearly 40 years.

The debt collectors do have limits when it comes to contacting you online. They have to identify themselves as debt collectors and they have to DM you to discuss your debt. They also have to give you the option of opting out of being contacted online or via text message.

Let's play devil's advocate here. People can easily decline a call from a debt collector. Avoidance is an easy thing, but 99% of people are always on social media. It's a surefire way to get in contact with those that owe money. On the other hand, it's opening a door for scammers to come in and say they are debt collectors and you're out even more money.

In addition to the new texting rules, they set a limit for the first time on how often debt collectors can call you. Agencies will be restricted to seven calls per week per account in collection.

I hope you all have been practicing your avoidance and evading skills. Debt collectors just stepped up their game!

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