It's always a good idea to have a Christmas budget. And it's an even better idea to keep to that budget.

But that's not always easy.

According to CNBC a large number of people are paying off their debt from Christmas...and that's from last years Christmas!


They say gift-buying American's are planning on spending about $660.00 on gifts this year. Now, for some that may seem a lot, but as a Granddad of 5, that seems about right. The problem is, of course, keeping to that number (or less?).

I mean, each Grand Young'un should get roughly the same number of gifts, right? I mean, tis true, I love them all the same, so...

Well, you can hit that budget ceiling pretty quickly.

The CNBC story reports 24% of shoppers said they overspent their budget in 2016 (Guilty) and 27% said they made no budget at all (OK, kinda guilty).

So, making a budget is a good start, but keeping to it is even better. There's some great budget tips here at nerdwallet.

And I might add, don't stress on it too much. You'll get through it OK. After all, those 5 Grandkids can always use new socks and underwear, right? And I'm sure they'd love it!

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