How do you feel about your wallet fitness? Wallethub has ranked some United States cites according to their 'Wallet Fitness'. The term refers to controlling your income and spending to minimize debt, building an excellent credit score, and spending modestly while saving aggressively for retirement and emergencies.

Wallethub compared Sioux Falls and 181 other cites based on 32 indicators of Wallet Fitness. It turns out that Sioux Falls ranks a bit below some of our neighbor cities.

Here are some of the rankings:

#1-Fremont, California
#5-Madison, Wisconsin
#7-Minneapolis, Minnesota
#11-St. Paul, Minnesota
#20-Bismarck, North Dakota
#21-Cedar Rapids, Iowa
#22-Des Moines, Iowa
#37-Lincoln, Nebraska
#46-Fargo, North Dakota
#52-Omaha, Nebraska
#57-Sioux Falls, South Dakota
#66-Rapid City, South Dakota
#95-St. Louis, Missouri
#182-Hialeah, Florida

Source: WalletHub

They also outlined the following 6 Tips for Achieving Top Wallet Fitness:

  • Building Excellent Credit
  • Minimizing Debt
  • Getting the Best Deals
  • Maximizing Earning Power
  • Preparing for Financial Emergencies
  • Saving for Retirement

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