So, you're out shopping with your besties and you find the most perfect gift for that special person on your Christmas list. So, what do you use to purchase it, your credit card or debit card? Experts say, in most cases, you're better off using your credit card.

First of all, they say you need to accept the fact that it isn't practical - or even advisable - to pay cash for everything during the holiday season. So, having a card of some sort is almost a necessity in this day-in-age.

According to the websites CyberScout and, the thing to remember about debit cards is they're attached directly to your bank account. In other words, with a credit card, it's their money. With a debit card, it's your money.

And with ID theft on the rise - especially during the holiday shopping season - the experts say using a credit card may be the better choice. That is, as long as you tell yourself you going to pay the balance off promptly.

Source: Associated Press, CyberScout,

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