With a significant amount of snow already on the ground here in the Sioux Empire, and another 3 to 6 more inches of the white stuff projected to be on the way in the coming 24 hours, the question becomes, can you still find the fire hydrants in your neighborhood?

It's easy for fire hydrants to get buried quickly, once you start stacking up snow on your boulevard after heavy snowfalls.

Keeping fire hydrants free of snow is imperative during the winter months. Failing to remove snow from around hydrants after large snowfalls, results in one more thing the fire department needs to do, once they arrive on the scene of a structure fire.

Sioux Falls Fire Department Captain Nick Luther told KDLT TV, “It goes without saying that every second counts at an emergency, especially a structure fire”.

Luther recommends clearing at least a good 3 feet around each hydrant in your neighborhood to ensure firefighters will have easy, and quick access to the hydrant in emergency situations.

Luther told KDLT, that most Sioux Falls residents are typically pretty good about removing snow from around hydrants. However, there are still a few hydrants that need to be shoveled.

If you have a hydrant in front of your home, the Sioux Falls Fire Department asks that you please assist them. When you go out to shovel after every significant snowfall, remember to take the time to also shovel around the hydrant in your yard.

Source: KDLT TV

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