Bruno Mars premiered his music video for "Versace on the Floor" immediately after winning the Visionary Award at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night.

He filmed an acceptance speech and a snippet was played during the awards show. Then all of Bruno's social medias were abuzz with links to the new music video.

"Versace on the Floor" is just another in a long line of Bruno Mars song that are a bit risqué with lyrics like, "Let's kiss till we're naked." and "I love that dress, but you won't need it anymore." So I was curious how they would handle the music video.

Zendaya, known for her shows on Disney Channel, is in the music video. I had to google how old she was because this song is very salacious and I didn't know if she was even legal. Zendaya is 20 years old so legally everything is fine, but Bruno is 31 so there is a bit of an age difference. I get that every Disney star tries to break out of their squeaky cleanness so I guess this is Zendaya's way of doing so.

I also found it interesting that they are not really filmed together. I'm assuming this is because Zendaya is about 5'10'' and Bruno is only about 5'5''. There is only so much camera trickery that can be done.

Anyway, decide for yourself. What do you think of "Versace on the Floor"?

Also, I thought it was funny that Bruno celebrated the video's release at Waffle House. I love Waffle House!


Music Video Release Party! #VersaceOnTheFloor

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Video release party lit!

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