Bloober Team and Lionsgate Games have released the first official gameplay trailer for the upcoming Blair Witch. According to, the game highlights players’ abilities to utilize their canine companion to help with various elements around the woods.

The gameplay takes place in 1996, three years before the original movie came out. A young boy has gone missing and you play a police officer as you join the search. As the game continues, you encounter strange and mysterious things as you journey into the Black Hills Forest that is haunted by the Blair Witch! A release date is set for August 30, 2019, for PC and Xbox One. As for PS4, a PR rep said the following with regards to Blair Witch coming to PS4: "We are concentrating on PC and Xbox One at this time."

The Blair Witch Project movie brought in over $248,000,000 at the box office worldwide on only a $60,000 budget back in 1999.

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