On this day (10/27) back in 2002, one of the greatest video games with one of the best soundtracks ever was released: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
Within two days of its release, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City sold 1.4 million copies, making it the fastest-selling game in history at the time. And by March 2008, the game had sold 17.5 million units worldwide.

The game featured a list of Hollywood stars like Ray LiottaWilliam FichtnerTom SizemoreDennis HopperBurt ReynoldsDanny TrejoGary Busey, and many more. 

One of my favorite aspects of the game is the spoof advertising and the music that plays on the radio while your character is driving.
The game, which is based in the 80s, naturally features music from that era: rock, pop, new wave, Latin, metal, and more! Here is one of my favorite "DJs" in the game. His name is Fernando on Emotion 98.3:

In addition to creating a fake radio show, the DJs actually made spoof commercials. Some are a bit raunchy but none-the-less funny!

Many gamers, myself included, love the GTA series and can't wait for another installment. The latest rumor is that GTA 6 is scheduled to be released sometime in 2019 or 2020. Happy Anniversary GTA: Vice City!


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