Right after Sioux Falls was named the "fittest city in South Dakota," it felt like a good time to introduce you to 6 foods that are so good but will probably build the waistline a bit. I am willing to take that chance. Here are 6 foods that are so South Dakota, you must try them.

Kuchen: It literally means cake in German, and South Dakota has a rich German heritage. So it makes sense that kuchen is the official dessert of the Rushmore State. It's basically a German dough topped with fruit and a brown sugar mixture. It's found in several bakeries in South Dakota and if you get a chance to hit the Delmont Kuchen Festival or Schmeckfest you'll be in heaven with this treat.

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Chislic: Skewred cubes of seasoned meat on a stick. South Dakota is famous for it. Chislic was declared the official state "nosh" in March 2018. Although its history is a bit sketchy, Wikipedia claims chislic may have been introduced into the United States by John Hoellwarth, who immigrated from Crimea to Hutchinson County, South Dakota, in the 1870s. Freeman, South Dakota made headlines in 2018 when the South Dakota Chislic Festival drew a massive amount of people. It was canceled last year because of the pandemic but will return on July 31, 2021! And don't forget to stop by Meridan Corner near Freeman. It's worth it!

The Lowly Potato: Clark, South Dakota is the potato capital of the state which hosts an annual Clark Potato Day. You'll find them mashed, fried, baked, and hashed. If you really like them mashed you may even find yourself wresting a pit of tasty tubers during Potato Days! Once, Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead made an appearance. The next Potato Days is scheduled for August 7, 2021.

Fry Bread: South Dakota's official bread is fry bread. Its history traces back to the Native Americans. Top it with something sweet like honey, sugar, cinnamon, etc. Or go for the gold and make a Navajo Taco with ground beef, beans, and anything else you like on your taco. To do it right, fry bread is prepared in lard making it a high cholesterol food.

Biercok: Never heard of it? Perhaps you'd know it by its other name: runza - hence the popular midwest restaurant chain. It's a dough pocket stuffed with ground beef or pork and cabbage. The Instapot recipe seems good and easy.

Kolache: I was introduced to this fine dessert during Czech Days in Tabor, South Dakota many years ago, and still remains one of my favorite foods. It's a pastry filled with fruit or cream cheese and is simply delicious. Good news if you want to have some of the best kolaches? The 2021 Tabor Czech Days Celebration will be happening this summer on June 18-19, 2021

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